Wet or Dry, Maxfit Gloves perform!

Improve Grip Performance up to 37% in dry conditions

  •  – In wet conditions, Maxfittm gloves grip up to 400% better than bare hands
  •  – Maxfits contain no Nitrile, Latex or natural rubber.They are non-allergenic and promote  skin health.
  •  – Maxfits help reduce hand fatigue and hand-slip injuries. It’s all in their GRIP!

The secret to Maxfit’s Performance is in its Proprietary Performance Coating.

This unique coating is not only very breathable but it has a macro-molecular structure that imparts incredible grip, no matter the conditions – dry, wet or oily.

Maxfit – The Latest in Glove Science!

Visit www.selectmarketinginc.com or call 1 800 361 8723 for more information.

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