For men and women in iniform, MAXFIT Gloves with Thinglove (TM) technology offer many important   advantages:

  • MAXIMUM GRIP in wet and oily conditions. This help reduce hand fatigue as well as hand-slip injuries. MAXFITS make excellent extraction gloves for EMS workers.
  • MAXIMUM DEXTERITY allows the wearer to do intricate tasks quickly and effectively. Input information on laptops and most cell phones.
  • MAXIMUM TOUCH SENSITIVITY  Thinglove (TM) technology enables wearer to control  trigger and grip pressures as well as gentle item handling capabilities and more. Reach into pockets and tight spaces and categorize and identify small items by touch.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT AND FIT  MAXFITS breathe so you can wear them all day without sweating. Their scientific construction provides tremendous comfort for professionals.
  • SKIN HEALTH  Non-allergenic MAXFITS contain no natural rubber, Latex or Nitrile. They can be wahed and dried with your regular laundry.

For more information call 1 800 361 8723 or visit

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