Only Maxfits have ThingloveTM technology. The new, longer-lasting, multi-purpose Maxfit Pro combines all the benefits of our regular Maxfit gloves plus cut-resistance and more. They deliver the glove performance that professionals demand, including:

GRIPMAX – Incredible Grip!

–          Provides extra hand strength and grip when working with oily and lubricated objects –          Made with proprietary performance-boosting fibers

–          400% better grip vs bare hands, when handling slippery objects

 NeverSlip (TM) – Reduces Hand Fatigue!

–      Proprietary Polymer Technology delivers better grip in all conditions

–      Reduces hand fatigue and improves grip by an extra 60% vs your bare hands

 BISTRATA (TM) –  Improved Dexterity, Flexibility & Cut-resistance!

–      Boosts glove performance to a higher levels of dexterity, flexibility and cut-resistance

–      Utilizes Layered Knitting Technology that improves flexibility while increasing cut-resistance

–     Highest Level 5 Dexterity

 PRIMOFLEX (TM)  –  Spandex for Flexibility and Fit!

–   Best for prolonged work periods – ultra-high dexterity and flexibility

–      Uses stretchy knit Spandex & Composite Fiber Technology

–      Ultimate Flexibility & Fit

 SCUTA (TM) –  Level 3 Cut-resistance!

–          Excellent for medium duty work where nicks and abrasions may occur

–          Made with Ultra-high Molecular Weight Fibers

–          12X stronger than steel, Level 3 cut-resistance


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