Maxfit  The Gloves with Thinglove technology.

Maxfit TM Gloves, with their spider-like Grip, Dexterity and Touch Sensitivity, were developed by a renowned European scientist who set out to create an extraordinary, high performance  glove.  The result was the introduction of a remarkable product using ThingloveTM technology. Maxfit can be used over and over again and then washed with your regular  laundry.  Available in black – sizes small, medium, large and x-large.


Superior Grip –

The Maxfit production process and advanced proprietary technology enables the gloves to grip a wide variety of surfaces in all conditions. Gripping performance does not change from dry, wet, dusty or even oily conditions. Our performance coating is extremely effective for smooth surfaces and reduces the potential for skin abrasion, accidental drops and injuries. It is the only glove to provide sure grip in all conditions.


Dexterity –

Most gloves are bulky, feel uncomfortable and lack dexterity. MAXFIT™ with Thinglove ™technology allows precise movement and control in performing even the most delicate tasks such as assembly or tool handling – with true, “surgical-like dexterity” without a feeling of discomfort and restraint.


Touch Sensitivity –

These  amazing gloves are designed to maintain tactile feedback so that the wearer can still feel, characterize and sense objects through the glove.Maxfit™ allows you to control handling based on shape, feel and grip so that small, difficult or even delicate objects are touched, sensed and handled more effectively.


Extremely Comfortable –

The innovative materials, design, contouring fit and lightweight construction of MAXFIT ™ Gloves draw away perspiration and allow your hands to “breathe”, even in extremely warm environments.  No more hot and sweaty hands!


Healthier & Kinder to the Skin – Engineered to be kind to the skin, Maxfit’s advanced material contains NO Latex, NO Nitrile, and NO Natural Rubber.  A skin-friendly alternative, the inside of the MAXFIT ™ glove helps maintain a comfortable environment for the surface of the hand.

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