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Maxfit TM  — Gloves that work.

  • Specially-designed to provide superior flexibility & grip especially for jobs demanding high dexterity
  • NeverSlipTM Technology delivers up to 60% better grip than the bare hand in dry conditions and up to 400% better grip in wet conditions
  • Cool and Comfortable with Improved Finger Fit! Can be worn for hours without sweating
  • Increases hand- strength while decreasing fatigue\
  • Reusable – Wash and dry with your regular laundry


NEW! Modern Size Coding (Colours) on Cuff …  

SMALL – Violet Cuff

MEDIUM – Green Cuff

LARGE – Red Cuff



NEW! MaxfitTM “GRIP” Gloves offer superior Grip, Touch Sensitivity, Dexterity,  Comfort and Fit. These amazing gloves are used by:

Gardeners                                          Warehouse & Outside Workers    Trade Professionals

Mechanics & Technicians              Armed Forces Personnel                Policing & Security

Riders and Professional Drivers  Hobbyists & Crafters                       Sports Enthusiasts




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