Transit Professionals know that Maxfit gloves with ThingloveTM technology are the latest  development in glove science!   Maxfits gloves offer:

  • Incredible wet and dry GRIP for use in rainy or snowy weather.  Assist passengers,   load and unload wheelchairs with confidence.
  • Unbelievable touch sensitivity and dexterity for manipulating switches and buttons and      handling tokens, passes or transfers.
  • Can be worn for hours and hours without sweating
  • Maximum comfort and fit – thin not bulky
  • A significant reduction in hand-grip fatigue
  • Convenience and re-usability — can be washed and dried with your regular laundry
  • Non-allergenic construction. Maxfits contain no Nitrile, Latex or natural rubber

Hidex (standard Black glove)

Developed by a renowned European scientist, MAXFITTM gloves never make you sweat.  They can be used for hours, reused over and over again and then washed and dried with your regular laundry.   MAXFITTM are skin friendly and can be used by a wide array of professional drivers:

  •  Transit Operators
  • Cartage and Transport
  • Taxi and Coiurier
  • Police,  Fire and EMS
  • Pilots, Helmsmen and Railway Engineers

Maxfits reduce hand fatigue and provide incredible grip even in wet and oily conditions. There is even some recent analogous evidence suggesting that Maxfit gloves may help reduce driver sick day requirements, possibly due to the elimination of direct skin exposure to certain viruses that were previously spread by handling rider transfers, etc.

 “THERMALS”  (Navy)

When operating vehicles in winter, Maxfit THERMALS are specially made for work in cold environments (2 to 15 deg C) and offer the additional warmth provided by hollow- fiber technology.  These gloves are the right choice when dexterity and grip are a necessity.


For more information call: 1 800 361 8723 or visit

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