Looking for the latest in Glove Science? Maxfit gloves with Thinglove technology, have so many cold   weather uses:

  • No sweat liners for snowmobile mitts —  If you need to do a quick fix on the trails, Hi-Dex or Thermals provide dexterity, touch sensitivity and grip — all beneficial when doing winter repairs.
  • Liners for hockey gloves — Maxfits can be washed and dried with your regular laundry; a great way to reduce stinky, hockey glove hands.
  • Winter photography — Touch sensitivity and dexterity make Maxfits perfect for winter photographers. Snap away!
  • Mechanic’s gloves —  Auto or truck repairs are made easier and more comfortable with Maxfits. These amazing gloves help reduce hand fatigue and hand-slip injuries in oily conditions.
  • Hunter’s gloves — Maxfits allow hunters to feel and apply the right amount of pressure on the trigger and better grip firearms in wet or slippery conditions.
  • Driving gloves — Drive comfortably. Maxfits grip the steering wheel and help reduce hand fatigue. Thermals provide ther right amount of in-vehicle warmth.
  • Take-out Window Employees — Handle coins, paper money and customers’ orders with confidence  while constantly subjecting your hands to warmth then extreme cold.

Maxfit gloves make living in northern climates easier. Contact  Select Marketing Canada to find out more. Inquire about special wholesale pricing for active businesses 1 800 361 8723.

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