O’Neill Innovations, the manufacturer of MAXFIT GLOVES with ThingloveTM technology, is listening to its customers. Back by popular demand are the coloured wrist bands that indicate glove sizing. White = SMALL, Yellow = MEDIUM, Blue – LARGE and Green = X-LARGE.


Hidex (Black glove)

Developed by a renowned European scientist, MAXFITTM gloves never make you sweat.  They can be used for hours, reused over and over again and then washed and dried with your regular laundry.   MAXFITTM are skin friendly and used by:


  • Gardeners, Growers, Landscapers and Outside Workers
  • Couriers, Transit Drivers, Cartage, Warehousing and Logistics Operations
  • Mechanics, Computer Technicians and Maintenance Staff
  • Police, Security, Military, Fire and EMS Workers
  • Hobbyists and Photographers
  • College Athletes, Hunters, Anglers, Rock Climbers and other Sports Enthusiasts

Maxfit’s reduce hand fatigue, help reduce hand-slip injuries and provide incredible grip even in wet and oily conditions.

MAXFIT CR series – Cut- and Abrasion-resistant Gloves (White or Tan)

CR series gloves provide the same performance characteristics as the original Hidex glove. They are offered in a level 3 abrasion-resistant version with:  fiber 12 times stronger than steel, grip 40% better when dry and 400% better in wet or oily conditions, abrasion resistance better than leather.   Cut resistance to EN388 standard level 5.

 “THERMALS”  (Navy)

Maxfit THERMALS are specially made for work in cold environments (2 to 15 deg C) and offer the additional warmth provided by hollow-core fiber technology.  These gloves are the right choice when dexterity and grip are a necessity.

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