18 Jun

Just wash them with your regular laundry. Maxfit Grip Gloves can be worn all day without sweating, reused, and washed and dried with your regular laundry. They feel like a second skin but with a far superior GRIP! They are a comfortable alternative to wearing latex or Nitrile gloves, that easily tear and cause sweaty […]

17 Jan

Wet or Dry, Maxfit Gloves perform! Improve Grip Performance up to 37% in dry conditions  – In wet conditions, Maxfittm gloves grip up to 400% better than bare hands  – Maxfits contain no Nitrile, Latex or natural rubber.They are non-allergenic and promote  skin health.  – Maxfits help reduce hand fatigue and hand-slip injuries. It’s all in their GRIP! […]

02 Oct

Working in tight spaces is no sweat for MAXFIT Hidex Gloves. Technicians know that these extraordinary gloves can be comfortably worn all day without sweating and their touch sensitivity and dexterity make handling small nuts, bolts, screws and fine wires a breeze. MAXFIT gloves, with Thinglove (TM) technology, provide incredible grip in dry or wet […]

19 Sep

Looking for the latest in Glove Science? Maxfit gloves with Thinglove technology, have so many cold   weather uses: No sweat liners for snowmobile mitts —  If you need to do a quick fix on the trails, Hi-Dex or Thermals provide dexterity, touch sensitivity and grip — all beneficial when doing winter repairs. Liners for hockey gloves — Maxfits can be washed and […]

25 Aug

Maxfits provide the Racer’s Edge! Dragon Boat Racers know that Maxfit gloves, with ThingloveTM technology, can make the difference between turning in a winning performance and simply competing.  Dragon Boat participants support an important cause and are true athletes. At Select Marketing Canada, we have participated in a number of these festivals and have received […]

16 Aug

Transit Professionals know that Maxfit gloves with ThingloveTM technology are the latest  development in glove science!   Maxfits gloves offer: Incredible wet and dry GRIP for use in rainy or snowy weather.  Assist passengers,   load and unload wheelchairs with confidence. Unbelievable touch sensitivity and dexterity for manipulating switches and buttons and      handling tokens, passes or transfers. Can […]

25 May

Summer’s here and with it comes hot, humid weather. Stay cool with MAXFITTM gloves. Their unique, ThingloveTM technology will keep your hands dry and comfortable all day long. A truly amazing development in glove science,  all MAXFITTM gloves off Maximum GRIP Maximum TOUCH SENSITIVITY Maximum DEXTERITY Maximum COMFORT & FIT Hidex (standard Black glove) COMFORT […]

17 Apr

Retail and Distribution opportunities for MAXFIT Gloves currently exist in many Canadian markets plus The UK, Israel and The Middle East. This is a wonderful chance to expand or diversify an existing business with a remarkable product line. Gardeners, Landscapers, Mechanics & Technicians, Tradesmen,  Professional Drivers/Riders and Sports Enthusiasts appreciate MAXFIT’s incredible touch sensitivity and […]