31 Jan

      Maxfit TM  — Gloves that work. Specially-designed to provide superior flexibility & grip especially for jobs demanding high dexterity NeverSlipTM Technology delivers up to 60% better grip than the bare hand in dry conditions and up to 400% better grip in wet conditions Cool and Comfortable with Improved Finger Fit! Can be worn […]

17 Jan

Maxfit Gloves — Suggested Retail Prices –  CANADA Black “GRIP” Gloves      $13.99 “Maxfit Pro” (Cut-Resistant)      $24.99  CANADIAN PRICING 2020   www.selectmarketinginc.com Select Marketing Canada Ltd   1 800 361 8723

14 Jan

CANADIAN EXCLUSIVE!  Only Maxfits have ThingloveTM technology. The new, longer-lasting, multi-purpose Maxfit Pro combines all the benefits of our regular Maxfit gloves plus cut-resistance and more. They deliver the glove performance that professionals demand, including: GRIPMAX – Incredible Grip! –          Provides extra hand strength and grip when working with oily and lubricated objects –          Made with […]

13 Nov

Maxfit  The Gloves with Thinglove technology. Maxfit TM Gloves, with their spider-like Grip, Dexterity and Touch Sensitivity, were developed by a renowned European scientist who set out to create an extraordinary, high performance  glove.  The result was the introduction of a remarkable product using ThingloveTM technology. Maxfit can be used over and over again and then washed with your regular  laundry.  Available in black – sizes small, medium, […]

09 Oct

  It may be anecdotal at this point, but transit drivers are telling us there is an advantage to wearing Maxfit Gloves that we never considered.  Drivers are noticing that they are spending less time off work as the result of illness. It seems to make sense though as drivers are less exposed to germs and viruses […]

17 Sep

O’Neill Innovations, the manufacturer of MAXFIT GLOVES with ThingloveTM technology, is listening to its customers. Back by popular demand are the coloured wrist bands that indicate glove sizing. White = SMALL, Yellow = MEDIUM, Blue – LARGE and Green = X-LARGE. MAXFIT GLOVES offer Maximum GRIP, TOUCH SENSITIVITY, DEXTERITY,  COMFORT and FIT. Hidex (Black glove) […]

12 May

For men and women in iniform, MAXFIT Gloves with Thinglove (TM) technology offer many important   advantages: MAXIMUM GRIP in wet and oily conditions. This help reduce hand fatigue as well as hand-slip injuries. MAXFITS make excellent extraction gloves for EMS workers. MAXIMUM DEXTERITY allows the wearer to do intricate tasks quickly and effectively. Input information on laptops and most […]

23 Apr

Select Marketing Canada is “dedicated to marketing unique, quality-made products that ultimately bring comfort or enjoyment to our customers.”  Now, SMC is a fully-accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  “Our commitment to Customer Care,” states Bruce Fleischer, President & CEO of Select Marketing Canada Ltd., “is why we truly value our relationship with the BBB […]

19 Mar

Maxfit Gloves are skin-friendly, containing no latex or natural rubber. The patented polymer coating on the palm and fingers helps restore hand gripping capabilities to patients with: Parkinson’s Disease,  Arthritis, other hand weakening conditions, etc. Maxfit gloves are invaluable for opening jars, assisting with bathing. They can be immersed in water and washed and dried with your reggular laundry. […]

19 Mar

Maxfit Gloves — Assortment    MaxfitTM “Black” Hi-Dex Gloves Suggested Canadian Retail  $14.99   MaxfitTM CR Abrasion-resistant Gloves   Level 3 Cut-resistance  Suggested Retail  $34.99 MaxfitTM CR 5 Abrasion-resistant Gloves Suggested Retail   $49.99 (call for availability) MaxfitTM Thermal Gloves  Suggested Retail    $19.99 CANADIAN PRICING 2013